The Kane Family from Texas Maryland

The following is a list of newspaper clippings I found related to one or another of the Kane families that lived in Texas. Mary Kane Monahan died 21 Dec 1898 John Kane died 4 Jul 1900 Annie Kane died 20 Dec 1900 Annie Kane O'Hara funeral 21 Feb 1901 Catherine Kane Kenny McDevitt died 18-Apr-1905… Continue reading The Kane Family from Texas Maryland

Class of ’67 – St. Joseph’s School – Yearbooks

Notice that I said "Yearbooks" - Each class had a separate yearbook. The 8A (Sister Mary Kathryn Ann's class) yearbook was produced on purple ditto and seems to have fared well - this was my sister Margaret Mary, aka Maggie's class.  The 8C (Sister Mary Corinne's class) yearbook appears to be printed using a very… Continue reading Class of ’67 – St. Joseph’s School – Yearbooks