Class of ’69 – St. Joe’s Yearbook

Many thanks to Chris Marion Vissman for scanning her yearbook and allowing me to post it here.  (The link to open/download the pdf of the 1969 yearbook is at the bottom of this post). I continue to enjoy finding old newspaper articles related to Texas Maryland but appreciate even more the things that people send… Continue reading Class of ’69 – St. Joe’s Yearbook

Class of ’68 – St. Joseph’s – Purple Dittos

Those of us who were in school in the 1960s remember the smell of purple dittos. Everything that needed to have copies made was written or typed on a purple ditto master, then copies were made using a machine with chemicals that imparted that distinctive smell.  Going through a box of things this week, I… Continue reading Class of ’68 – St. Joseph’s – Purple Dittos