Railroad Avenue Kilroy Texas 5919025

2 thoughts on “Railroad Avenue Kilroy Texas 5919025”

  1. The water-filled quarry at the left-center bottom of this photo was known as Kilroy’s quarry or Little Lindsay’s. Big Lindsay’s would be south of here (to the left). The house facing Kilroy’s quarry, closest to the tracks, is where they lived. My grandmother Mary (Schultheis) Kilroy inherited the quarries from my grandfather’s Uncles, Hugh and Bill Lindsay, and sold them to Harry T. Campbell when she moved the family to Baltimore sometime after my grandfather’s death in 1932. The 1940 Census has them living on Montpelier Street in Baltimore, and indicates that they still lived in Texas in 1935.

  2. This is just amazing history. I used to swim in the quarries when I was a kid. So many others did also. Tragically there were quite a few drownings
    This website and pictures that go along with it are amazing.

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