Giibons Blvd & York Rd 1942

3 thoughts on “Giibons Blvd & York Rd 1942”

  1. This is facing north on York Road, The Shell station was on the southeast corner of Gibbons Boulevard, where I grew up. The general store attached to the gas station is where we would buy penny candy!

  2. Cassie,
    Is the building with what looks like the Shell Clam shell on it’s peak, just south of what you are saying is the Shell and the penny candy store; is that the build that Mr. Ray Storm had is TV Repair Shop? Say by 1962 or so?
    Do You remember Watkins, just north of Warren on the east side, before Bosely? I grew up on Brecon Place, off York Ave.

  3. The building that you can see looking through the gas station portico – which is the north side of Gibbons Blvd – was the house that became Storms’ electronics shop. My sister Maggie and I and Donna Storm would often help Mr Storm with minor repairs there in the mid to late 60s.

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