Photos taken in Texas Maryland

York & Padonia 1959 26298018
York Road facing north from Padonia Road intersection, 1959
Ward-Cole House 4746012
Ward-Cole House; west side of NCRR
Texas York Rd 06071186HH
House located behind Winghaven
Texas York Rd 01101186HH
Another view of the house that was located behind Winghaven
Taylors Hall 2001 25610004
Photo of Taylors Hall taken in 2001
Taylors Hall 1977 26992092
Photo of Taylors Hall taken in 1977
Taylors Hall 1975 8680004
Photo of Taylors Hall taken in 1975
Taylors Hall 1972 26992087
Photo of Taylors Hall taken in 1972
Star Hotel 12579020
Inside the Star Hotel, aka the Star Restaurant
Sherwood House Beaver Dam 2279007
Sherwood House in Beaver Dam
Railroad Avenue Kilroy Texas 5919025
Aerial View of Campbell’s quarries, facing NW. NCRR crosses between the big quarry and Railroad Avenue, with Lindsay’s quarry in the foreground
Pump House Chilcoat 17653008
Mr. Chilcoat near the pumphouse for the Almshouse
Pest House 9470072
“Pest House”, behind the Almshouse
Patrick Croghan House Beaver Dam 26992072
Patrick Croghan’s House on Beaver Dam Road
NE of Almshouse 9470077
View northeast of the Almshouse
Lindsays Kilns 26992057
Lindsay’s Kilns
Lindsays Kilns 07351097HH copy
Lindsay’s Kilns
Icehouse 9470084
Former Smokehouse at the Almshouse
Ice house or 9470071
View from behind the Almshouse
Giibons Blvd & York Rd 1942
The view in 1942 facing north near Gibbons Boulevard. The Shell station was party of Woody’s corner store and deli
Church Lane Texas 27045262
The view in the 1950s looking west on Church Lane towards the NCRR tracks
Church Lane AAI 25690084
View facing north of Church Lane in the foreground (Sisters of Mercy convent in the lower right corner) and Aircraft Armaments Inc (AAI) in the background, with York Road on far right.
Chilcoat 9470074
James Chilcoat’s House after the Almshouse closed
Camp Overkill AAI 1917 2507022
1917, Camp Overkill? labelled as AAI
Beaver Dam workers c1890 14152012
c 1890, Beaver Dam Marble Co workers
Beaver Dam workers 1959 5875017
1959 Beaver Dam Marble Co workers drilling holes for setting dynamite
Beaver Dam c1930 3137018
c 1930, Beaver Dam quarry
Beaver Dam 1980s 14152001
c 1980s Beaver Dam Swim Club
Alsmhouse icehouse 9470083
Back of Almshouse showing smokehouse to the right
star hotel texas
View facing north on York Road at the Star on the corner of York Road and Church Lane

21 thoughts on “Photos taken in Texas Maryland”

  1. Is there a place to go and read about Texas MD. I have a picture of a baseball team with my father as one of the players I would
    Like to donate to your collection if you wanted it.

    1. My great-great grandfather Patrick Thomas Flanagan settled in Texas village in the mid- to late-1860 after leaving County Roscommon, Ireland. One of his daughters, Margaret Angela, was my great-grandmother.

  2. I am one James Chilcoat’s grandsons. As a child I spent many of my week ends at the Almshouse with my grandparents. My dad was actually born in the house. I have so many memories of that area. I also have a lot of information about the house through the stories my grandfather and father shared with me over my years of growing up. My siblings and I always referred to it as the Big House! The photos bring back a lot of wonderful memories of my grandfather and father. To this day I still drive around there and reminisce.
    Thank you for preserving my memories!

  3. I would love to get some more information on the owners of Taylor Hall. I believe it was Richard Padien?

      1. I’m an archaeologist and I believe that I’ve found Richard Padian’s first home site. Just got very interested in him and his family since Padonia Station and Padonia Road were both named after him. Thanks for the info! This is a wonderful webpage!

          1. I have found an old home site using Lidar on land that Richard Padian owned according to old maps. It’s basically at the corner of Greenpoint and Padonia. There’s just remains of an old foundation. I’m doing research to hopefully document it as an archaeological site. I’d love to hear more about the information you have on him. Is it something you could possibly email me? Thanks!

  4. Just looking back at the photos. My mother was born in a house located on Church lane about three houses east of the Church and behind the Star Motel. My grandfather worked for the rail road as a telegraph operator. Going back further My great grand father had a blacksmith shop on York Rd. South of the Star Motel. I believe I have some photos of me with my great grandfather and my grand father holding me for the photo, will have to look for them. FYI their name was Anderson. As for me I have many fond memories around Texas and Cockeysville Md. Just saying.

  5. I have many memories of Texas Maryland. I grew up on gibbons boulevard and I used to swim at Beaver dam swim club when I was a kid. I used to hang out with your brother quite a bit when we were young.
    Just curious if there are any photos of the big tower that used to be at Beaver dam swim club. I know they tore it down but when I was a kid I always wanted to jump off of it but was afraid to.

  6. I live on Ashland right across from the Dutch Market and I was wondering if there is any information about the area or even the house. I think the house was built in 1953.

    1. Bethany, I assume that you are asking about the house you live in – historical information about the ownership of that property might be searchable in the county land records, which could then lead you to knowing more about that area in particular. There is a fair bit of information about Ashland itself and there is a facebook group called Remembering Ashland of Cockeysville, MD (

      1. Oh my gosh thank you so much!! I’m looking for both actually. The area is really cool and I’m sure there’s some rich history there.

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