Remembering the Village of Texas Maryland – Oct. 13, 2019, 2pm, HSBC!

The next HSBC Speakers Series talk will be Sunday, October 13, 2 pm—4 pm - Remembering the Village of Texas, Maryland. Speaker: Cassie Kilroy Thompson Cassie Kilroy Thompson will be presenting the talk "Remembering the Village of Texas, Maryland" on Sunday October 13, 2 pm at the Historical Society of Baltimore County (HSBC) 9811 Van… Continue reading Remembering the Village of Texas Maryland – Oct. 13, 2019, 2pm, HSBC!

The Kane Family from Texas Maryland

The following is a list of newspaper clippings I found related to one or another of the Kane families that lived in Texas. Mary Kane Monahan died 21 Dec 1898 John Kane died 4 Jul 1900 Annie Kane died 20 Dec 1900 Annie Kane O'Hara funeral 21 Feb 1901 Catherine Kane Kenny McDevitt died 18-Apr-1905… Continue reading The Kane Family from Texas Maryland

Class of ’67 – St. Joseph’s School – Yearbooks

Notice that I said "Yearbooks" - Each class had a separate yearbook. The 8A (Sister Mary Kathryn Ann's class) yearbook was produced on purple ditto and seems to have fared well - this was my sister Margaret Mary, aka Maggie's class.  The 8C (Sister Mary Corinne's class) yearbook appears to be printed using a very… Continue reading Class of ’67 – St. Joseph’s School – Yearbooks

Class of ’69 – St. Joe’s Yearbook

Many thanks to Chris Marion Vissman for scanning her yearbook and allowing me to post it here.  (The link to open/download the pdf of the 1969 yearbook is at the bottom of this post). I continue to enjoy finding old newspaper articles related to Texas Maryland but appreciate even more the things that people send… Continue reading Class of ’69 – St. Joe’s Yearbook

Class of ’68 – St. Joseph’s – Purple Dittos

Those of us who were in school in the 1960s remember the smell of purple dittos. Everything that needed to have copies made was written or typed on a purple ditto master, then copies were made using a machine with chemicals that imparted that distinctive smell.  Going through a box of things this week, I… Continue reading Class of ’68 – St. Joseph’s – Purple Dittos

Barron Family of Texas and Ashland

A post on the FaceBook group today prompted me to list the newspaper clippings I have for the Barron family: Hannah Barron died 4 December 1900 Mary Barron to wed Henry Robinson, 1901 Barron-Robinson wedding16 October 1901 Barron-Freeland wedding 6 August 1902 Catherine Barron died 11 February 1911 Katherine (spelling) Barron's funeral 13 February 1911… Continue reading Barron Family of Texas and Ashland

Scally/Scalley Families – Part 2: Patrick & Annie

Patrick Scally was (arguably) the oldest son of Thomas and Jane (Covahey) Scally, born near Strokestown, County Roscommon Ireland, sometime between 1839 and 1850.  Family lore has it that Patrick and his father came to Texas, Maryland first, around 1851, and that Jane followed later, with Michael, John and Malachi.  US Census data on immigration… Continue reading Scally/Scalley Families – Part 2: Patrick & Annie

Scally/Scalley Families – part 1: Thomas & Jane Scally

My 3rd great grandparents, Thomas (1809-1885) and Jane (Covahey) Scally (1815-1900), were married in Strokestown, County Roscommon, Ireland, on the 24th of February, 1840.  They emigrated to Texas, Maryland somewhere around 1853.  According to family stories (and with some evidence), they came separately - Thomas and his son Patrick (my 2nd great grandfather) coming first,… Continue reading Scally/Scalley Families – part 1: Thomas & Jane Scally