Remembering the Village of Texas Maryland: October 16, 2014, Hereford Library, 7pm; October 19, 2014, St. Joseph’s Texas, 9am



Do you know where Texas Maryland is? Have you ever wondered how it got its name? Cassie Kilroy Thompson, the founder of the Friends of Texas Maryland, will offer a presentation and time for discussion about the origins and history of this disappearing Baltimore County village.  Please join us on Thursday October 16, 2014 at 7pm at the Hereford Library, 16940 York Rd Monkton, MD 21111 OR on Sunday October 19, 2014 at 9am at the Parish Center at St. Joseph’s Church, 105 Church Lane, in Texas Maryland.



The event on June 12, 2014 at the Cockeysville Library was well attended – and unfortunately, the room capacity and some people were unable to get in.  I plan on posting the information from my slides soon.  Several people told stories about Texas that were wonderful, and some even brought pictures, paintings, and photos.  I hope that everyone is willing to share what they have with us.  You never know when someone else is looking for information that you already have.  Please feel free add your stories as comments here.


10 thoughts on “Remembering the Village of Texas Maryland: October 16, 2014, Hereford Library, 7pm; October 19, 2014, St. Joseph’s Texas, 9am”

  1. I just discovered my family connection to Texas. I am looking for anything on the Price family. Especially David and Kiziah Price and their children, Maude, Clara, and Blair. They lived in Texas during the 1900-1910 census records but I don’t know how long before or who David and Kiziah (Gracy) Price’s parents were. They lived on Railroad Ave. David was a Blacksmith in the quarry. Any information would be greatly appreciated by my entire family. Thank you.

    1. Hi Laurie
      I was reading comments on this site after attending Cassie’s presentation last night at the Hereford library. David and Kaziah Price also had a daughter Adeline who was my great grandmother. Clara married a Busey of Texas and became the postmistress in 1923. My mom remembers the Busey house. Kiziah is buried up in Jessops and her parents were Tracey’s.

    1. Hi Laurie I am Carole Bowling’s sister. She was supposed to call you this evening but she is in the hospital. We are looking for info about our families–the Parks and the chaffman family. My email is would appreciate your regards, Margaret Benvengi

  2. yes ,i know about Texas Maryland. My father was born in Texas Maryland in 1898, his name is Raymond Chaffman, he was the son of William Chaffman ,who worked in the quarry. I am looking to find any information on the death of William Chaffman in the Quarry around 1902, a brother was also in that accident.I would like to find my grandfathers grave before i pass . I am 71 and not in good health and it is difficult to travel now.I love reading about this wonderful old town.

  3. i am looking for any information on Lena Parks Chaffman. Lena or Lillian was born to Peter Parks and Susan Wooden Parks, i want to learn more about the Parks of Texas Md.What i have read makes me believe that Lena was from Texas Md area.

    1. i am trying but it wilol not take my pass word and i donot understand what they want. i did not forget my pass word.

  4. Carole Bowling I am just seeing this post, but I am directly related to Lena Parks through my father. His mother’s maiden name was Parks and I have done extensive research on the Parks family, especially in Texas, MD. Peter Parks was my 3rd great uncle. I am more than happy to share any information and meet new family. Feel free to contact me at

    1. Hi I am related to Peter parks. He was my great grandfather. His daughter Lena or Philena was my grandmother. you can reach me at, Would appreciate any help. My father was Raymond Chaffman andhis father William H Chaffman was married to Lena parks. best regards Margaret

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