About Texas Maryland


Texas Maryland (also known as “Little Texas”) is a rapidly disappearing village in Baltimore County, Maryland USA.  The area was originally settled, in the mid 19th century, by Irish and other immigrants who worked in the local limestone and marble quarries.  Many of them went on to become local business owners and raise families whose descendants still recall the village as it once was.

My father’s ancestors came from Ireland and settled in Texas Maryland.  His mother, Mary Kilroy, was one of the last post-mistresses for the village, and after my grandfather died in 1932, she eventually moved with her 6 children to Baltimore city.

Although I was born in Baltimore, we moved back to Texas in 1957, with 5 more Kilroy children attending St. Joseph’s School like my father & his siblings.  We lived on Gibbons Boulevard, at the bottom of the hill where the Baltimore County Almshouse served the poor residents of the county until 1959.  The Third and Last County Almshouse, built of local limestone by the immigrants who lived in Texas, became the home for the Historical Society of Baltimore County in 1959 where it still resides.

No longer called Texas, the area has become absorbed by Cockeysville, and the local population is once again blessed with many immigrant families from around the world.  It is my hope that the lives lived by the former residents of Texas can be shared with the new immigrants, engaging the community in positive and informative ways.

Church Lane, Texas 1990s


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