A place for queries about families who lived in Texas

This might be a good place for people to ask about families that may have not yet been mentioned elsewhere on this website.

Feel free to comment or ask about any family that may have lived or worked in Texas. There is a pdf linked below to the surnames found in the 1927 St. Joseph’s Church Jubilee.

11 thoughts on “A place for queries about families who lived in Texas”

  1. Hello Cassie,

    We’ve exchanged messages before…can you share in what context it is mentioned and any first names that appear with the “Gunning” surname on page 62?


    JJ Gunning Jr

    1. The name Gunning actually appears on page 92 (error in the indexing) in a list prefaced with “Moreover, as of value to the future historian of the Parish, we subjoin the following list of the earlier parishioners, as preserved in the traditions of the parish:
      IN TEXAS…

      Gunning, John
      Gunning, Richard”
      There was no further information.

    2. Mr. Gunning: you might check out the following. Maryland in the World War 1917-1919 . Open the link that shows Hati Trust.Bottom left next web page open Volume 1. When the next page opens in the upper right type in the name Gunning,click search, find. Look at and open page 829. One name stand out. Michael J Gunning living on Frisby St. Baltimore born in Texas 8/5/92 Hope this might help?

  2. Did Patrick have a wife?
    Did James come from the same area of ballykline? I also have been trying to find civil war records, I even contacted the archives, but now I know the James Banahan I found is not the same man with him residing in Maryland at that time. I have a distant relative that had told me Patrick served with confederacy and James with the union but I can’t prove that. Thank you so much for the information.

  3. Hello Ms. Thompson I was inquiring if you any information regarding Patrick Wynn’s
    Wife my cousin and I can’t seem to find information on her. Also there is James Banahan on the muster rolls for Illinois, but from your previous information that could not be him being located in Maryland at that time. A relative mentioned that Patrick joined the confederacy and James joined the union but I have no proof of that. Thank you again.

  4. (Posting for Tom Tolan) Cassie, I was thinking Edward Toolan listed in Drumman More in the Griffiths Valuation in 1857, might be the same Edward who was in the1860 census in Texas Md., three years later. But I think the Drumman More townlands are a few miles west of Loch Kilglass, on the western boundary of Kilglass civil parish. And none of the Toolans I could find in Griffiths were in Ballykilcline. I’m pretty green at this — were some of them in the Ballykilcline townlands? I talked to Rick Stoyell yesterday. and he thought some of the Toolans were from there… I’d like them to be, because there’s such a good story there…
    Thanks for keeping this site going!
    Tom Tolan

  5. Hello, I am so happy to find this page, thank you for creating it. My great great grandfather John Cooper Armstrong is described in 1877 as having property “near Texas” listed as 12 mile house on York Road. He was a stone mason. He is found on the 1877 map as “JC Armstrong in Texas Station, Ellangwan Post Office. His wife was Nancy Ellen Kelly (from Hampden Village) and his daughters married Kelly, Cockey and Halls. Any information about where his house might have been or info about the family would be greatly appreciated!

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