The Kane Family from Texas Maryland

The following is a list of newspaper clippings I found related to one or another of the Kane families that lived in Texas.

Mary Kane Monahan died 21 Dec 1898

John Kane died 4 Jul 1900

Annie Kane died 20 Dec 1900

Annie Kane O’Hara funeral 21 Feb 1901

Catherine Kane Kenny McDevitt died 18-Apr-1905

Mary, Agnes, & Ella Kane – sisters visit 1906

Agnes Gertrude Kane weds H Ferdinand Schaefer 20-Nov-1907

Patrick Kane returns from hospital 1919

William Kane died 22 Apr 1922

James Moore died 12 Feb 1934, son of Rose Kane & Michael J Moore

Winifred McDonough Kane died 15 Apr 1937


7 thoughts on “The Kane Family from Texas Maryland”

  1. I looking for any information on Thomas and Winifred Reynolds. Thomas migrated to Maryland sometime before 1850. They had (2) sons Thomas F. and James J. Also a daughter Catherine. Living in Texas Maryland according to the 1880 census. James J. moved to Baltimore became a Captain in the Baltimore Fire Dept. He died while fighting a fire in 1903. Any help would be nice. Where they migrated from, where there buried etc.

    1. James, I have Thomas and Winifred Reynolds in Texas Md at least by 1870. In the 1927 Jubilee Book for St. Joseph’s, Thomas is listed as an early parishioner in Texas. And I know that Catherine, their daughter, was buried at St. Joseph’s according to her obituary in the Baltimore Sun – see I do not know where they were from in Ireland, but I suspect it is County Roscommon, quite possibly Ballykilcline. See – three Reynolds families are listed as evicted from Ballykilcline, two have family members named Thomas. I’ll keep looking. Hope to see you at the talk next Sunday.

      1. Thank You for the infomation. Where is the talk being held next sunday. I would like to come if I can. Can you tell me the place and time. I live down on the eastern shore and with all the bridge repairs going on and the traffic situation is horriable on the weekends. But I would like to attended if I can. Thanks again for the information.
        Jim Reynolds

      2. Thank you for the information you sent. I would like to attend the talk next sunday.

        Can you tell me the place and time. I live on the eastern shore and with all the bridge repaires (2 years of deck repair) the traffic on the weekends can be tought.

        But I still would like to attend.

        Thanks Again,
        Jim Reynolds

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