Class of ’69 – St. Joe’s Yearbook

Many thanks to Chris Marion Vissman for scanning her yearbook and allowing me to post it here.  (The link to open/download the pdf of the 1969 yearbook is at the bottom of this post).

I continue to enjoy finding old newspaper articles related to Texas Maryland but appreciate even more the things that people send to me that can’t be found anywhere else.  Many years from now, when others are wondering about who attended St. Joseph’s in the 1960s, I hope that these posts will be of use.  It is heartwarming to see people re-connect through the sharing of old photos or documents or stories.  If others have stories or documents or photos that they would like to share – about St. Joseph’s in particular or Texas Maryland in general – I’d be happy to post them on this web page.  Just email me (Cassie Kilroy Thompson) at

St. Joseph’s School – Class of 1969 – Yearbook

If interested, you can see the 1968 Yearbook here.

1 thought on “Class of ’69 – St. Joe’s Yearbook”

  1. Great site! Your hard work is much appreciated. My Mom’s family lived right south of Hereford (Lloyds, Wilsons, and Bulls). Some of them were already in the County when the House of Hanover still ran things.

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