Class of ’68 – St. Joseph’s – Purple Dittos

Those of us who were in school in the 1960s remember the smell of purple dittos. Everything that needed to have copies made was written or typed on a purple ditto master, then copies were made using a machine with chemicals that imparted that distinctive smell.  Going through a box of things this week, I came across my copy of our 8th grade (1968) “yearbook” from St. Joseph’s School in Texas, Maryland.  The photo above is a scan of the cover of the yearbook.  Yes, I was the editor of the yearbook, one of the firsts in a long line of things that I have edited, and I was responsible for any errors.  And there were errors.

If I can get good scans of the other pages (some are very hard to read), I will post them later (EDIT – link to the pdf is posted at the bottom of this post).  Meanwhile, I have transcribed the names of my classmates (and a few other schoolmates) who signed the cover:

  • Mary (Cassie) Kilroy
  • Linda North
  • Wiggles (Mike Wojnowski)
  • Kevin Butler
  • Joe Steinmetz (Tom Mueller)
  • Malcom (Dave Malkowski)
  • Karon (Glaccum)
  • Nancy Callegary
  • Barbara (Davidson)
  • Denise (DeSesa)
  • Joan (Hatter)
  • Regina (Dougherty)
  • Carl (Shumate)
  • Darrylynn (Barnes)
  • Carol (Gould)
  • Nancy Conte
  • Joe Fluri
  • Bob Patterson
  • Kathy Slowinski
  • JoAnn (Lindauer)
  • Melvin (Benhoff)
  • David Armour
  • Therese (Gamble)
  • Chris Marion
  • Rosemary (Zome)
  • Sue Jarkowski
  • Mark (Pavlica)
  • Laurel (?)
  • Stephen (Foster)
  • Kevin Feeley
  • Kim Michelle Madden
  • Casey (Gahan)
  • Jimmy (Magee or Flynn?)
  • Joe Fluri (yes, he signed twice)
  • Norma Jacobs
  • Gene Frasca
  • Robert France
  • Meg (Creaney)

PDF of other pages from the 1968 ditto yearbook:

A couple of the pages were a little hard to read in their scanned format – I added enhanced copies of those pages to the pdf (so both copies of those pages are in the file).


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