Barron Family of Texas and Ashland

A post on the FaceBook group today prompted me to list the newspaper clippings I have for the Barron family:

Hannah Barron died 4 December 1900

Mary Barron to wed Henry Robinson, 1901

Barron-Robinson wedding16 October 1901

Barron-Freeland wedding 6 August 1902

Catherine Barron died 11 February 1911

Katherine (spelling) Barron’s funeral 13 February 1911

James W. Barron, 67, died 13 April 1915

James W. Barron’s funeral notice 1915

James Edward Barron died 5 May 1935

Margaret Barron Carey Peterson died 27 December 1942

2 thoughts on “Barron Family of Texas and Ashland”

  1. Ms. Thompson,
    Many thanks for these clippings. I am the granddaughter of James E. Barron and this information was wonderful to find. We had searched for his Aunt Kate and these newpaper clippings where the first real information.
    I was looking at the history of Cockeysville and what a great surprise. Thank you.
    Ellie Peterson

    1. Ellie,
      I am so glad you found this useful! For the longest time, I thought that there wasn’t much information about the families from Texas Maryland, and was pleasantly surprised to find so much in the Baltimore Sun. Various people from the village were correspondents (unnamed) to the Sun at various times throughout it’s history, so some time periods have more information than others. Still looking…

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