Scally/Scalley Families – Part 2: Patrick & Annie

Patrick Scally was (arguably) the oldest son of Thomas and Jane (Covahey) Scally, born near Strokestown, County Roscommon Ireland, sometime between 1839 and 1850.  Family lore has it that Patrick and his father came to Texas, Maryland first, around 1851, and that Jane followed later, with Michael, John and Malachi.  US Census data on immigration lists Patrick’s year of immigration anywhere from 1869 to 1871, all of which are wrong since he was already in Texas Maryland before the 1860 Census.  I have found Thomas (age 24) & Patrick (age 11months) Scally on the Montezuma which arrived in New York on 16 June 1851 but the ages aren’t exactly right. As a matter of fact, due to inconsistencies in the way ages were reported in the US Census and other places, I am not certain of the actual birth years on any of this generation.  For example, Malachi appears to have been born in Ireland 4 years after his father Thomas had left for America.  More on Malachi in a later post.

Regardless of whether we really know Patrick’s age on immigration, it is still important to note that his estimated birth year changes quite a bit across the years anyway.  In 1860, the census lists his age as 17 (1843); likewise, in 1870, he was 26 (1844), in 1880, he was 36 (1844), and in 1900, Patrick is listed as 55 years old, born in November 1845. By 1910, Patrick is 70 years old (1840) but in 1920, he is still 70 years old (1850).  Patrick was supposed to have lied about his age in order to enlist in Harry Gilmor‘s infamous Confederate regiment during the Civil War, although his date of birth on his headstone at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Texas says Jan 1, 1839.  If that were his true birth date, Patrick would not have needed to lie as he would have been 22 at the outbreak of the Civil War.  January 1st would make it very easy to remember your “age” at any given time of the year. I keep hoping to find a definitive source on Patrick Scally’s birth year.

Patrick Scally headstone
ANNIE; Beloved wife of PATRICK SCALLY; Born May 17, 1850; Died March 4, 1906.  May her soul rest in peace.  PATRICK SCALLY; born Jan. 1, 1939; Died July 15, 1921.  (Closeup of Patrick & Annie Scally’s headstone in St. Joseph’s Cemetery)

Patrick married Annie Cummings in 1871 in Texas at St. Joseph’s Church.  Annie was born in County Roscommon as well.  Although I have no evidence that the Cummings family knew the Scally or Covahey families back in Ireland, it is highly possible that they did.  There were many families from the Strokestown area that emigrated to Texas Maryland, especially during the Great Famine (1847), and we know that many of them traveled together directly to Texas after arriving in New York.   Annie’s parent were Lawrence (1815-1878) & Catherine (Holly, 1820-1897) Cummings.  Annie had a sister named Bridget (who married Michael Croghan of County Roscommon),  a sister Mary who married Mr. Harlow, and a brother, John who was a well-known dentist in Baltimore County who never married.  None of Annie’s siblings had descendants, as far as I know.

Patrick and Annie had 14 children (according to the 1900 census), 9 of whom lived to maturity:

  • John F. Scally, 1871-1932,
    • married first Agnes Coogan (1879-1920)
      • one son, John L. Scally (1905-1961)
    • then married Rose Haney (1881-1956).
  • Mary A. Scally, 1873-1906,
    • married Albert W. Schultheis (1862-1902),
      • one daughter, Mary A. Schultheis (1899-1981), my grandmother.
  • Anna Josephine Scally, 1876-1944, unmarried.
  • Patrick Henry Scally, 1877-1949, unmarried.
  • Gertrude Catherine Scally, 1880-1965,
    • married Michael P. Noppenberger (1875-1965), two daughters,
      • Anna Mary (1910-1987) and
      • Gertrude J. (1906-1998)
  • Lawrence Theodore Scally, 1881-1952,
    • married Margaret Frances Byrne (1883-1970), 12 children, to be the subject of another post
      • Irene,
      • Anna,
      • Lawrence,
      • Marguerite,
      • Joseph Leo,
      • Walter,
      • Helen,
      • Robert,
      • Francis,
      • Edward,
      • Maurice, &
      • Albert Louis
  • William Thomas Scally, 1883-1957,
    • married Mary Catherine Kilroy (1892-1982, sister to my grandfather), two daughters,
      • Katherine A. (1918-1987) and
      • Mary Dorothy (1921-1932)
  • Loretta Scally, 1884-1966, married Eugene Brooks (1874-1944), two stepdaughters
  • Theresa G. Scally, 1885-1951, unmarried

Below are links to some documents and newspaper clippings related to the family of Patrick and Annie (Cummings) Scally:

Albert Schultheis death certificate 1902
Death Certificate for Albert W. Schultheis, husband of Mary Scally, St. Louis Missouri, 1902

Patrick H. Scally, pall bearer for Joseph Magee, 1902

Scally siblings at a party, 1904

Lawrence Scally & Margaret Byrne at party, 1904

Wedding of Getrude Scally & Michael Noppenberger, 1904

Scally siblings at party, 1905

Cockeysville Glee Club 1905

Annie Scally’s will – 2 houses, piano, 1906

Mary Scally Schultheis died 6 Oct 1906

Mary Scally Schultheis’s funeral 1906

Lawrence T. Scally, telegrapher, 1906

Scally-Byrne Wedding Annopuncement, 1906

Scally, Kilroy, Noppenberger and others at the Texas Athletic and Literary Club, 1911

Lawrence & William Scally in the Catholic Benevolent League (CBL), 1911

Agnes Coogan Scally died 23 Dec 1920

Patrick Scally died 15 July 1921

John Scally & Rose Haney marriage license, 1922

Loretta Scally & Eugene Brooks marriage license, 1924

John F. Scally died 23 March 1932

Josephine Scally died 28 Jun 1944

Eugene Brooks (husband of Loretta Scally) died 12 December 1944

Theresa G. Scally died 18 June 1951

Lawrence T Scally died 28 June 1952

Golden Anniversary for Gertrude K. Scally & Michael P. Noppenberger, 1954

Rose Haney Scally, of 214 Cedarcroft Road, death notice, 1956

Rose Haney Scally died 30 Jul 1956

Michael P. Noppenberger (husband of Gertrude Scally) died 30 January 1965

Gertrude Scally Noppenberger died 17 July 1965

Loretta M. Scally Brooks died 30 July 1966

Margaret Byrne Scally (wife of late Lawrence T. Scally) died 22 April 1970

9 thoughts on “Scally/Scalley Families – Part 2: Patrick & Annie”

  1. I enjoyed reading this. My husband’s family were also St Joseph’s parishioners and I scoured your articles looking for the name Rafferty – alas, no luck.

  2. I went through the articles again and found a Rafferty listed as a pallbearer in the very first one. It may have been My husband’s grandfather James F Rafferty, but the middle initial doesn’t match. He lived in Cockeysville and was a very active member of St Joe’s at the time. He was born in a town called Oregon, MD which disappeared long ago – are you familiar with it?

  3. Hello. I read with great interest on the Scally family being associated with the Covahey family. I am retired from the Baltimore County Police Department and had worked with a Thomas Scally. We both suspected we were related as both our families came from Strokestown, County Roscommon. Do you have information on the Covahey family?

    1. Patrick, I believe that you are my 4th cousin once removed. Your ancestor, John Covahey, born c. 1819 in Strokestown was the brother to my GGG grandmother, Jane Covahey Scally, born 1815.

      If the Thomas Scally that you knew is the same person I am thinking of, yes, you are related on the Covahey side of the family, all the way back to the parents of John, Jane, and their sister Mary. Thomas is my second cousin once removed.

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