Scally/Scalley Families – part 1: Thomas & Jane Scally

My 3rd great grandparents, Thomas (1809-1885) and Jane (Covahey) Scally (1815-1900), were married in Strokestown, County Roscommon, Ireland, on the 24th of February, 1840.  They emigrated to Texas, Maryland somewhere around 1853.  According to family stories (and with some evidence), they came separately – Thomas and his son Patrick (my 2nd great grandfather) coming first, followed later by Jane & their other sons, John, Michael, and Malachi (aka Lackey).  Thomas and Jane also had a daughter, Mary, who apparently died in Ireland.  More on the Covahey family later.

Patrick Scally (1844?-1921) married Annie Cummings (1850-1906), daughter of Lawrence & Catherine (Holly) Cummings, all of whom were also from County Roscommon, Ireland.  More on the Cummings family later.

As far as I know, John Scally (1845?-1889) never married, but he was engaged in the liquor business with his brother, Patrick, before moving to Baltimore to find work.  John died suddenly at age 29 – actually his body was found in the Union tunnel in Baltimore, a victim of a train accident.

His brother, Michael Scally (1846?-1911) also never married, but was a well known and respected member of the Texas, Maryland community and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church when died.

Malachi Scalley (1855-1932) married Catherine Duke (1857-1940), daughter of  Michael & Rose Ann (Manning) Duke who were also from County Roscommon, Ireland.  More on the Manning and Duke families later.

Here are some of the clippings I found related to this first and second generation of immigrants.  Note that the spelling was both Scally and Scalley.  Subsequently, Malachi Scalley’s descendants kept the latter spelling.  In another post, I will expand on the 3rd generation – descendants of brothers Patrick Scally and Malachi Scalley.

Mrs Thomas Scally broken ribs due to lightning 1879

Malachi Scalley appointed engineer at Almshouse 1880

Lackie Scally, watchman at jail, 1883

Malachi Scally appointed engineer of Marine Hospital buildings in Remington, 1887

Patrick Scally liquor violations, 1885

Patrick & John Scally liquor violations, 1886

John J Scally found dead 31 May 1889

John J Scally death 31 May 1889

Jane Scally died 7 Apr 1900

Jane Scally funeral 11 Apr 1900

Mrs. Patrick Scally seriously ill 28 Feb 1906

Annie Cummings Scally obituary 1906

Annie C. Scally funeral 1906

Will of Annie Scally 1906

Michael Scally died 3 Dec 1911

Michael Scally buried 6 Dec 191

Patrick Scally died 15 Jul 1921

Malachi T Scalley died 5 May 1932

2 thoughts on “Scally/Scalley Families – part 1: Thomas & Jane Scally”

  1. Thank you for sharing!!! I’m so appreciative of the work you’ve done to archive all of the family history!

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