Update on Chaffman Inquiry – thanks HSBC!

Many thanks to Kathleen Barry (Director) and Jim Long (Photo Collections Manager) of the Historical Society of Baltimore County for tracking down more information about the death of William H. Chaffman.  Here’s what they uncovered:

Death notice and related articles about the death of William Chaffman and its impact on his family

William Chaffman died on August 7, 1901, and according to the first article, it was sudden although he had “been in good health”.  The death notice states that his funeral took place at Sater’s Baptist Church, although his name is not listed in the transcription of that cemetery held by HSBC.  The third article describes his widow, Lena Parks Chaffman, and 4 of their 7 children being in poor health in Spring of 1903, and local efforts to provide some relief.  That article also mentions the death of William and one of their sons in the previous Fall (actually the August before that).

Note that none of these mention the quarry accident.  We are still looking for that.

Here is another article – the death notice for Lean Parks Chaffman in 1946:


So what Texas Maryland mysteries do you have?

5 thoughts on “Update on Chaffman Inquiry – thanks HSBC!”

  1. Hello I am a Parks cousin. Lena Parks’ Aunt Adeline Parks Price was my 3rd Great Grandmother. She and her family also lived in Texas, MD. Lena’s death notice mentions she was the niece of the County Treasurer. That was William Parks. Adeline’s death notice mentions him as well. Apparently, name dropping isn’t a new thing. LOL. From what information I have, Lena’s father was Peter Parks. Peter, William, and Adeline were just 3 of 11 children belonging to John Parks and Margaret Lydia Swartz. So there are lots of Park side cousins. We should organize a lunch!! I have been to a few for other branches of my family tree. It’s been great fun to meet and share information, pictures, and stories. Anyone interested??

  2. I am Bonita Parks. My grandfather was John Earl Parks, Sr. from Texas,Maryland. He was born around 1894.
    My family has no knowledge regarding my grandfather’s paternal side. His mother’s name was Sara Armstrong.
    We don’t know if he had siblings, he never spoke about his life. We know he worked in the quarries as a young person and left Texas at around 14 or 15 years of age. He ended up in Baltimore, and worked as an electrician.
    He died when he was in his 70’s in Rosedale, Md. He had three children John Earl Parks, Jr. Myrtle Parks and my father Robert Earl Parks, Sr. Anyone have any information regarding my grandfather’s people. I would really welcome any information at all. 386-736-1541. DeLand, Fl. I was born 1951 at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, Md.

  3. My maiden name was Chaffman. My grandfather was William Henry Chaffman Sr and he was married to Philena Parks who was the daughter of Henry Parks. We knew our grandmother as Lena parks. They were from Texas Maryland which is now Cockeysville, MD. I am 81 yrs old and I live in Westminster, MD I am going to send your info to my niece Robyn Harrison-Taft who lives in Harpers Ferry, WV 25425. She has the history of my family so maybe she can shed some life on this to help you. Rgds, Margaret Benvengi

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