Looking for Chaffman family records

There are a number of comments here from readers looking for information on the Chaffman family that lived in Texas Maryland.  For example, Carole Browning wrote: “i am the daughter of Raymond Chaffman, his father was William Chaffman who was married to Lena parks Chaffman. William was born in 1849, Lena was born in 1857, and my father was born on 2-19-1898. Raymond had no middle name . The Chaffman family had 7children. William H, Benjiman E, Ira E,George, Walter C, Raymond , and Annie M. There was 3 children who did not live. The Chaffmans was suppose to have lived on Church st. , near the railroad and a tavern called McDermotts. My grand father worked in the Quarry and was supposed to have died in a Quarry accident that killed him and his brother. I am looking for any information on my fathers people. The Chaffmans worked in the quarry but i do not know the name of that quarry, i do know he died between 1901 and 1904. If any one can help me with any information i would be very happy.I have been looking for a long time and time is getting short for me, since i am now 71 yrs. old. My e-mail address is clmbowling@gmail.com

And Margaret Chaffman wrote: “Does anyone know the names of these workers in the picture above. My gr Father and his brother William Henry Chaffman and Benjamin F Chaffman worked in the quarry in Texas Md. William Chaffman died in 1902 and I was told that he died in an accident in the Quarry, I am trying to find out where he is buried. Would appreciate any help. My email is margieben1@verizon.net. Rgds, Margaret Chaffman”

I assume that Carole & Margaret are sisters. I have been looking for any mention of the quarry accident that killed the Chaffman brothers, although I believe that their father’s brother, Benjamin Chaffman, was still alive as late as 1920. In 1900, he was living in Texas next door to a Kilroy family that we think is related to my family but to whom I have not yet found a connection.  His wife was named Katie, and they had been married 14 years.Benjamin Chaffman family 1900 Texas

By 1910, he was still living in District 8, now on Sherwood Road, but his wife’s name is Minnie, and they have been married 1 year, while the 3 youngest children of Benjamin and Katie (David, James, and Raymond) are living with them.  The other 5 children must be grown and out of the house.Benjamin Chaffman 1910

If this Benjamin is indeed the brother of William H. Chaffman, then he certainly didn’t die in a quarry accident before 1910.  Benjamin Chaffman is still living in District 8 in 1920, with Minnie, and their daughter Lina.

As to William H. Chaffman, in 1900, he is living in Texas, listed as a quarryman, and likely worked in the Texas quarries.William Chaffman 1900

By 1910, however, Lena Parks Chaffman is living in Baltimore, without William.  Directories at the time do not list William either, but they do list Lena as Mrs. Lena Chaffman, which would indicate that she was a widow by then.

I did not find other Chaffmans in District 8 in 1900 that could account for the brother that may have died in the quarry accident.  There was a George Chaffman living in the County Almshouse, who was age 65 in 1900, who may have been a relative, but unlikely to have been working in the quarries.  In the 1881 Baltimore Directory, there were 2 Chaffman men listed as quarrymen in Hampden: Benjamin F. and William H., and George is listed as a boilermaker – the same three names I have mentioned here.Chaffman 1881 Balto Directory

Any ideas for finding a newspaper account of a quarry accident in 1900s are welcome!


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  1. in 1910 census Lena Chaffman ,had Benjamin F Chaffman 17 and Benjamin E chaffman 17 , and William Chaffman 19, living with her. Lena ,s son William was born in 1880, so this makes me believe that my grandmother was housing another Chaffmans children,this is also why i believe their father died when my grandfather died. In the Alms house there was an article about an accident in the Quarry and the to Chaffman brothers died. An elderly man was at the Alms house and he came into the viewing room with the article. I lost the article , called the Alms house and they would not look it up for me and mail it to me. O offered to join and pay for them looking it up and the lady said no. So i8 know that it does exist , but can not travel to Md right now. Walking is difficult for me without some one to go with me.

    1. It would really help to have that article. How long ago did you call the HSBC? They love be to do research and would welcome a new member, so I don’t know why you got the response that you did. I have contacted the new director to inquire. Meanwhile…. According to the census, those nephews were living with their parents in 1900 (ages 10 & 9, parents Benjamin & Katie), but their mother died and Benjamin remarried and is living with the new wife Minnie in 1910, with the 3 youngest of Benjamin & Katie’s children. So unless there are two Benjamin Chaffmans, with children named the same, then this Benjamin Chaffman is still alive in 1910 & 1920. Perhaps the boys moved in with their aunt because they didn’t like the new mom. Is it possible that there was another brother who died with your grandfather or are you sure the article said Benjamin?

      1. The article that i read said Chaffman brothers. My grandfathers name was on it ,William.I am not sure but i believe it was in 2000. It has been along time . The gentleman who brought the article to me was very excited , he could not find what news paper printed it. When i called the Alms House the lady said he was no longer their, that is when i asked her if she could look for me , that i would call back in a few days , that i would pay for the article and join if i needed to.At that time i had just went through a surgery and could not drive, the lady said that she could not do that ,so i gave up on it until i found The Texas Maryland Group. That gave me hope again that some one would know my grand parents and the family. I want to find my grandfathers grave and know who his parents where. It is like they never existed, but i know they lived in Texas Md, and worked in the Quarry.Thank you for working on this puzzle. Carole B.

        On Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 6:03 PM, Community Engagement in Texas Maryland wrote:

        > Cassie Kilroy Thompson commented: “It would really help to have that > article. How long ago did you call the HSBC? They love be to do research > and would welcome a new member, so I don’t know why you got the response > that you did. I have contacted the new director to inquire. Meanwhile..” >

  2. Hi, my name is Michael Chaffman. A previous comment referenced possibility that there might be 2 Benjamin Chaffmans – there WERE several Chaffman families in the area at the same time, and many of the names were the same across the families ( Benjamin, William, James, Raymond, etc.). Here is a brief overview of my branch:

    My great grandfather was Benjamin Franklin Chaffman, born Aug 21, 1863, died April 14, 1937. He and his first wife, Catherine (Katie) Ferry had 7 children: Annie, Elizabeth, William (1890-1966), Benjamin F. (my grandfather, 1891-1946), David (1894-1975), James (1896-1963), and Raymond (1898-1965).

    My great-grandfather (mentioned above) is buried in a rear corner of Poplar Grove Methodist Church graveyard, 13600 Poplar Hill Rd, Phoenix, Maryland. His first wife, Katie, is buried with him. The “Find a Grave” website for this church does not list their interments but I have been to the site and seen the graves myself. I have a photo of the graves but, unfortunately, cannot put my hands on it for this response.

    My great grandfather remarried after Katie’s death to Minnie J. Ensor (born Sept 18, 1878, died Oct 15, 1949). She is buried at Bethlehem-Steltz Reformed Cemetery in York, Pennsylvania as Minnie J. Chaffman under a ZIMMERMAN (James and Lydia) headstone, her name inscribed with theirs. I’m guessing she was perhaps a servant or caretaker for the couple. A photo of the headstone can be accessed at the following website: http://midatlantic.rootsweb.ancestry.com/HarrySenft/CemeteryDisk11/Bethlehem/PictureIndex.htm

    My grandfather (also listed above), Benj F. Chaffman (1891-1946), married Adelia Ruth Marsh (1900-1945). They had 3 children: another Benj F. Chaffman (1917-1946), Hattie Irene ( (1920-1946), and Russell M. (my father, 1924-2012). The senior Ben, Ben Jr., and Hattie all died in a 1946 murder-suicide event.

    I live in the Tampa Bay, FL area and recently retired. I am tentatively planning to visit the Texas/Cockeysville area within the next 6-9 months, seeking more family history. I have quite a bit but looking for more! If anyone recognizes this branch of the Chaffman tree, if you are a distant relative, have photos, or other information, I’d love to talk to you before and during my visit. My email is: mchaffma@tampabay.rr.com

    Best regards,

    1. Michael, Thank you so much for sharing your information with us!While I am not a relative (that I know of), I do chronicle the families from Texas, Maryland, and I believe I have some data in my “Texas Maryland Family Tree”. When I get home later I will look and respond again.

    2. Mike, I found a SS record for Minnie Chaffman that indicates that her parents’ names were John and Matilda Hare. In 1900, in the Eighth District (in Warren, near Texas Maryland). John and Matlida Hare had Minnie in their household along with a younger daughter named Alice. If Minnie’s maiden name was actually Hare, the Lydia Alice Zimmerman on the gravestone is her sister. According to her obituary, that is exactly the case.

    3. Michael,we are most likely related. My father was born 2-19-1898 , in Texas MD. His full name was Raymond no middle name. His brothers names are Walter C, Benjamin E, Ira E, William H JR.George , and a sister Annie M.In the 1910 census my grandmother Lena Chaffman was head of the house hold.Lena had a william and Benjamin living with her, they are listed as Nephews. They were 17, and 19 years old . She also had her son Benjamin, who was12 years old. I believe the two nephews belonged to a brother that died and my grand mother took them in.
      Wehave not found our grandfathers grave, but thanks to Friends of Texas Md . we have a true date of his death. lena Chaffman is burried in St Mary,s cemetery, in Ilchester, MD.We are still looking for my fathers sister, Annie Mae , and a brother George, and my fathers other brother Ira E Chaffman.I would love to get with you, if i in any way can. I have a problem at times getting around. Not very easy to travel at times. I have Arthritis, in a very damaging way, But if i know when you are coming our way, i have a sister, Margaret, and a niece who is interested in finding our roots.So please, if you are interested in what i have on the Chaffmans, feel free to contact me .at my e-mail and i will send you a number to reach me or you may give me one for you.


      1. Hi Michael,
        Very glad to hear from you. Yes i live in Shepherdstown, WV.I only have a photo of my father, and his family, which includes , his mother and their children. I live not far from Keedysville .Your grandfather Benjamin F was a cousin to my father, and your gg father Benjamin F ,i think was my grandfather William H Caffmans brother. Ihave some census ,in 1910 when my grandmother lena Chaffman had a Benjamin F Chaffman and his brother living with her family. My grandfather William Chaffman died 8-7-1901 so Lena was head of the household in 1910.William H Chaffman Sr.and Lena parks Chaffman had a Benjiman E that was around the same age as your grandfather BenjimanF. They seem to repeat the same names over and over. Would love to meet you and share any information i have. I am not very good at computers so if you are interested we can meet the next time you come this way and i will share what ever i have with you.Thanks for responding . Iam not young and time is moving on fast for me.Happy to find more family.
        Carole Bowling

  3. I was inquiring about the Banahan And Wynn families. I recently discovered James Peter Banahan B1840 possibly. He was registered on a census record in Dekalb county Illinois in 1880, along with his wife Katherine Winn or Wynn. Patrick Wynn was listed as Katherine father. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    1. James Peter Banahan was in Texas, Maryland, in the 1860 and 1870 Censuses. Catherine Wynn was also in Texas, Maryland during the same time frame, and I believe they were married in Texas. Their 2 oldest children were likely born in Maryland.

      Catherine Wynn’s father, Patrick was one of the evictees from Ballykilcline, Kilglass, County Roscommon, Ireland who arrived in New York 1847 aboard the Metoka along with other evictees. Patrick (born 1825) arrived with his sister Mary (born 1834) and their father John (born 1795).

      You may already have this info, but let me know what else you are trying to figure out.

  4. This is great info I wasn’t able to validate the info that I had. Did Patrick have a wife?
    Did James come from the same area of ballykline? I also have been trying to find civil war records, I even contacted the archives, but now I know the James Banahan I found is not the same man with him residing in Maryland at that time. I have a distant relative that had told me Patrick served with confederacy and James with the union but I can’t prove that. Thank you so much for the information

  5. Sorry for writing on a different family’s thread I wasn’t sure how to start my own on this particular site

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