Maryland Historical Trust files for Texas and surrounding areas

Many thanks to Jack Cougle for compiling the following list of Historic Property applications from h

Site # MD St Archive’s # Site Name
BA-74 msa_se5_3302 St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, 101 Church Lane
BA-90 msa_se5_3318 Old Gunpowder Meeting House, 13100 Beaver Dam Road
BA-886 msa_se5_4127 Cockeysville Freight Station
BA-975 msa_se5_4216 Shipley-Kemp House [also Bishop, Jessop, Boyd], 13023 Beaver Dam Road
BA-976 msa_se5_4217 Shipley Mill & Mill Race, 13027 Beaver Dam Road
BA-1785 msa_se5_5047 Riley-Gagliano House, 9923-9925 Railroad Avenue
BA-1786 msa_se5_5048 House, 9907 Railroad Ave
BA-1787 msa_se5_5049 House, 9905 Railroad Ave
BA-1788 msa_se5_5050 Peacock House, 9901/9903 Railroad Avenue (demolished 1981)
BA-1789 msa_se5_5051 5 Lime Kilns on Railroad Ave, Griscom & Burroughs Kilns [also Lindsay]
BA-1789A msa_se5_5052 Old Lime Kiln [3], Railroad Ave, Lindsay’s Kilns
BA-1795 msa_se5_5060 Texas Methodist Episcopal Church, 7 Galloway Ave
BA-1804 msa_se5_5069 Patrick J. Caslin House, 40 Church Lane, c.1926, St Joseph Community Health Center [also Price, Lee, Nisbet, Clark]
BA-1805 msa_se5_5070 St. Joseph Church Rectory, 101 Church Lane, built 1891 [replaced the 1865/67 rectory which burned down in December 1890]
BA-1806 msa_se5_5071 St Joseph Church School Hall, 105 Church Lane, c.1910 [listing confuses the school hall with photos of the original school building]
BA-1807 msa_se5_5072 James W. O’Hara House, 107 Church Lane, Sisters of Mercy Convent
BA-1808 msa_se5_5073 St Joseph Parochial School, 101 Church Lane [see also BA-1806]
BA-1809 msa_se5_5074 Wilson House (aka Konrad-Seeburger House)[Wingler, Kelly, O’Hara, Lee], 118 Church Lane
BA-1811 msa_se5_5076 Harmon House [also Bussey], 123 Church Lane, circa 1900
BA-1813 msa_se5_5078 [Tracey, Hauptman, Caslin, Berlin, Kane, Hoffman, Eaton], 130 Church Lane
BA-1814 msa_se5_5079 Mrs. Bruehl House [also Perry, Poe, Price, Duncan], 131 Church Lane
BA-1815 msa_se5_5080 Peterson-Tracy Duplex #1 [also Caslin], 132-134 Church Lane, circa 1926
BA-1816 msa_se5_5081 James Freeland House [also Kilroy, Lindsay, Colbert, Fitzgerald, Clark], 135 Church Lane, c. 1881
BA-1818 msa_se5_5083 Mann-Conn House, 140 Church Lane
BA-1819 msa_se5_5084 Howard Poe House, 141 Church Lane, c. 1900
BA-1820 msa_se5_5085 Rebecca Bagley House, 144 Church Lane [note: listing says 143 Church Lane but pdf says 144]
BA-1821 msa_se5_5086 Joseph Cockey House 145 Church Lane, c.1899
BA-1822 msa_se5_5087 Cockey-Feeney House, 147 Church Lane, c. 1890
BA-1823 msa_se5_5088 John Kaveney House, #1 149 Church Lane, c. 1840
BA-1824 msa_se5_5089 John Kaveney House, #2, 151 Church Lane, c.1840
BA-1825 msa_se5_5090 Bernard McKeon Duplex 148-150 Church Lane c.1891
BA-1827 msa_se5_5092 Margaret Elwood House, 152 Church Lane, c. 1872
BA-1828 msa_se5_5093 Patrick Keough Hs, 156 Church La c.1916 (Mahlon/Julia Poe)
BA-1829 msa_se5_5094 John Landragan House, 159 Church Lane, c.1850
BA-1830 msa_se5_5095 Timothy Feeley House, 160 Church Lane, c.1890
BA-1832 msa_se5_5097 Long House, 161 Church Lane, c.1901
BA-1833 msa_se5_5098 McDermott’s Tavern, 163 Church Lane
BA-1834 msa_se5_5099 House, 10004 Beaver Dam Rd
BA-1835 msa_se5_5100 Late Victorian House, 10006 Beaver Dam Rd
BA-1836 msa_se5_5101 House, 9937 Railroad Ave
BA-1837 msa_se5_5102 Duplex, 1927-28 Railroad Ave, Carrie Poe
BA-2175 msa_se5_5449 Lindsay’s Kilns
BA-2307 msa_se5_5580 Miller’s Cottages & Shipley Mill, 1305 Beaver Dam Rd
BA-2806 msa_se5_24249 Marble track bed, Industry Lane
BA-2943 msa_se5_38975 Texas Village (Application for Texas Station Historic District)


2 thoughts on “Maryland Historical Trust files for Texas and surrounding areas”

  1. I was born at 9901 Railroad Avenue. My parents were Sonny & Helen Peacock. My grandparents, frank & Catherine Peacock, lived next door.

  2. Hi there,
    Does anyone know what was located at 10100 York Road (though I doubt that was the address back then) back in the early 1950s? Looking at historical aerials and topos, a building was constructed on that site in the early 1950s and was razed with the construction of the existing hotel and other commercial buildings.
    Thank you for your time!

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