7 thoughts on “Collecting stories based on looking at photos”

  1. Cassie-this is Wonderful. My dad owned a bar at the end of Church Lane before you got to Campbell’s Concrete & my brother & sister were born on Church Lane. I will try to get pictures & send to you. Thanks for keeping the memory of Texas Maryland alive!

  2. Hi Cassie,
    My grandparents lived in Texas ( Edgar and Gladys Bode).
    My grandmother Romaine Kraft Smith worked in the Star Hotel.
    My Parents were married at St Joseph’s and had there reception
    at the Star Hotel. My Father and his sisters went to school at St. Joe’s.
    And I also went to school there. Deep roots in Texas, many people
    still around with roots there. The picture looking down Texas Lane
    showers my grandparents house next to the Barrett house.
    Someone said there was a store on the bottom floor…didn’t know that.

    1. Debbie Bode Sestero, I am still trying to find out more information about the Romaine family name, as it appears as a middle name in at least two other families related to Texas Maryland. I look forward to hearing if you or others know more about the name.

  3. Debbie and Cassie: My grandfather was named Francis Romaine Kennedy and he was born in Texas and lived with his Uncle Michael Kenny in Texas along with his sister Sally Kennedy Glenn. We have no idea where his middle name Romaine comes from. The Kennedys and Kennys hail from Roscommon Ireland and we’ve always wondered if there was an Irish or Baltimore connection?

  4. Hello, all, My great-grandmother, Johanna Buckley, is said to have been born in Texas, Maryland in 1860. Her parents were John and Jane Whelan Buckley, who immigrated from Ireland. The family story is that John died in a quarry accident. I cannot find any records for John and Jane in Cockeysville or Baltimore. I can find Jane in Washington DC by 1870 as a widow. I would drive up for a visit from Alexandria, VA if I had a little guidance.

  5. I wrote this information on a different area of this website, so I hope I am not repeating myself. Anyway,
    My grandfather’s name is John Earl Parks, Sr. and he was born in Texas,Md. around 1888 to Sarah Armstrong. I do not have his father’s name. Sarah Armstrong is listed as being born in Maryland USA not date.
    My grandfather worked in the quarries as a young person and is said to have either been orphaned or ran away to Baltimore City around the age of 15. He eventually became an electrician and was a contractor on the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel project. He married Lillian Mae Albertson, who was born in 1894 in Wilkes Barre, Pa. I believe they met in Atlantic City, NJ. were she worked as a young women in housekeeping. They had three children born in Baltimore. John Earl Parks, Jr., Myrtle Parks and my father Robert Earl Parks Sr. If you have any information regarding his early life in Texas and his family, especially his father, I would appreciate any infromation. I believe I do have some photos somewhere. As a younger person in the 1960 and 1970, I spent plenty of weekends swimming with friends at Beaver Dam, never realizing until later in life that my grandfather probably helped to create it.

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