Col. Harry Gilmor

Col. Harry Gilmor

Col. Harry Gilmor, of Glen Ellyn, near Texas Maryland, raised a confederate regiment of Irish immigrants living in Texas Maryland. My great-great-grandfather, Patrick Scally and his brother-in-law, Michael Croghan, were among those who served in the Confederacy under Gilmor during the Civil War. Do you have an ancestor from Texas Maryland who served (on either side) during the civil war?

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  1. Hello Cassie! I’m a cartographer with the MD State Highway Administration and found your blog via Google when I was researching for the boundary of Texas, MD which is still listed on some current maps. Coincidentally I was a member of the Harry Gilmor Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans! I grew up on Oakway Rd in what I consider ‘old’ Timonium in the 60’s and early 70’s and remember that McDermot’s was pretty much ground zero for Texas. I didn’t go there a lot but my brother-in-law George Herring used to play music there. I guess Beaver Dam and Beaver Springs swim clubs would also be considered part of Texas. Would you agree?

    1. Warren,
      Yes, I would agree that Beaver Dam & Beaver Springs were defacto part of Texas, however, back in the day, that area was actually called “Beaver Dam”. You lived on Oakway…. did you know the Quinns? The Ferry family? Just curious. I would love to be able to map and imagine what Texas looked like across time. Interested in a side-project?

      1. I have a 2nd great grandmother, Elizabeth E. Ferry, who had sisters in Texas, Maryland in the 1920s. I have not been able to find any Ferrys in that area. Would you be able to point me in the direction of Ferrys that lived in the area? Thanks so much!

  2. Cassie I born in 1948. I grow up there. My grandparents where Irene and Lloyd Parks. They had a store there and beside us was the post office. And there was a bar on each end of the road. When the weather was bad they let us stand in the door way of the Star hotel. I remember 7am and a men from the quarry would be setting the drinking a beer and eating ice cream.

  3. Hello Cassie — I went to St Joseph School from 1956 – 1963 before going on to Towson Catholic. My parents moved to Lutherville in 1956. I remember riding the school bus when Padonia Rd was being built….had a little detour while driving up Yoirk Rd. Also, I remember learning sign language in 7th or 8th grade so we could communicate with one of Church Lane’s residents who lived in the house just past St Joseph Parish hall and parking lot. I cannot remember his name, but I know my friend/classmate still does.

  4. Hello,

    I just stumbled upon this through a link on Facebook. My great, great, great grandparents Richard and Mary Padian arrived in Texas circa 1850 and later purchased Taylor Hall in the late 1860s. From the history that’s been unearthed, Richard and his fighting age sons were ardent “southerners” although I never learned whether they joined Col Gilmore or even joined the fighting at all. It seems pretty clear, however, they avoided being dragged into the Union Army.

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