Community Engagement in Texas Maryland

St. Patrick’s Day Get-together, March 15, 2015, 1-3pm

Friends of Texas Maryland, St. Patrick’s Day Get-together
March 15, 2015 1-3pm
at Historical Society of Baltimore County, (the Almshouse)
Galloway Room
9811 Van Buren Lane
Cockeysville, MD 21030

Last name A-L – bring a savory snack (chips, pretzels, finger foods, veggies, etc.)
Last name M-Z – bring a sweet (cookies, brownies, etc.)

Maryland Historical Trust files for Texas and surrounding areas

Many thanks to Jack Cougle for compiling the following list of Historic Property applications from  When you get to their website, to search, choose- Baltimore County – Site Name letter – Cockeysville

Site Name Letter Site # MD St Archive’s # Site Name
S BA-74 msa_se5_3302 St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, 101 Church Lane
O BA-90 msa_se5_3318 Old Gunpowder Meeting House, 13100 Beaver Dam Rd
C BA-886 msa_se5_4127 Cockeysville Freight Station
S BA-975 msa_se5_4216 Shipley-Kemp House, 13023 Beaver Dam Rd
S BA-976 msa_se5_4217 Shipley Mill & Mill Race, 13027 Beaver Dam Rd
R BA-1785 msa_se5_5047 Riley-Gagliano House, 9923-9925 Railroad Ave
H BA-1786 msa_se5_5048 House, 9907 Railroad Ave
H BA-1787 msa_se5_5049 House, 9905 Railroad Ave
H BA-1788 msa_se5_5050 Peacock House, 9901/9903 Railroad Ave
L BA-1789 msa_se5_5051 5 Lime Kilns on Railroad Ave, Griscom Kilns
O BA-1789A msa_se5_5052 Old Lime Kiln, Railroad Ave
T BA-1795 msa_se5_5060 Texas Methodist Episcopal Church, 7 Galloway Ave
P BA-1804 msa_se5_5069 Patrick J. Caslin Hs, 40 Church La, c.1926, St Jos Com. Health Ctr
S BA-1805 msa_se5_5070 St. Joseph Church Rectory, 101 Church Lane, c.1891
S BA-1806 msa_se5_5071 St Joseph Church School Hall, 105 Church Lane, c.1910
C BA-1807 msa_se5_5072 James W. O’Hara Hs, 107 Church Lane, Sisters of Mercy Convent
S BA-1808 msa_se5_5073 St Joseph Parochial School, 101 Church Lane
H BA-1809 msa_se5_5074 House, 118 Church Lane
H BA-1811 msa_se5_5076 Harmon House, 123 Church Lane, c.1900
H BA-1813 msa_se5_5078 House, 130 Church Lane
M BA-1814 msa_se5_5079 Mrs. Buehl House, 131 Church Lane
P BA-1815 msa_se5_5080 Peterson-Tracy Duplex #1, 132-134 Church Lane, c. 1926
J BA-1816 msa_se5_5081 James Freeland House, 135 Church Lane, c. 1881
H BA-1818 msa_se5_5083 House, 140 Church Lane
H BA-1819 msa_se5_5084 Howard Poe House, 141 Church Lane, c. 1900
H BA-5085 msa_se5_5085 House, 144 Church Lane
J BA-1821 msa_se5_5086 Joseph Cockey House 145 Church Lane, c.1899
C BA-1822 msa_se5_5087 Cockey-Feeney House, 147 Church Lane, c. 1890
J BA-1823 msa_se5_5088 John Kaveney House, #1 149 Church Lane, c. 1840
J BA-1824 msa_se5_5089 John Kaveney House, #2, 151 Church Lane, c.1840
B BA-1825 msa_se5_5090 Bernard McKeon Duplex 148-150 Church Lane c.1891
M BA-1827 msa_se5_5092 Margaret Elwood House, 152 Church Lane, c. 1872
P BA-1828 msa_se5_5093 Patrick Keough Hs, 156 Church La c.1916 (Mahlon/Julia Poe)
J BA-1829 msa_se5_5094 John Landragan House, 159 Church Lane, c.1850
T BA-1830 msa_se5_5095 Timothy Feeley House, 160 Church Lane, c.1890
L BA-1832 msa_se5_5097 Long House, 161 Church Lane, c.1901
M BA-1833 msa_se5_5098 McDermott’s Tavern, 163 Church Lane
H BA-1834 msa_se5_5099 House, 10004 Beaver Dam Rd
L BA-1835 msa_se5_5100 Late Victorian House, 10006 Beaver Dam Rd
H BA-1836 msa_se5_5101 House, 9937 Railroad Ave
D BA-1837 msa_se5_5102 Duplex, 1927-28 Railroad Ave, Carrie Poe
L BA-2175 msa_se5_5449 Lindsay’s Kilns
S BA-2307 msa_se5_5580 Miller’s Cottages & Shipley Mill, 1305 Beaver Dam Rd
B BA-2806 msa_se5_24249 Marble track bed, Industry Lane
T BA-2943 msa_se5_38975 Texas Village (Application for Texas Station Historic District)


Poole Engineering & Machine

Railroad Avenue Kilroy Texas 5919025


Thank you to the many people people who joined me for the discussion about Texas Maryland that was held at the Hereford Branch of the Baltimore County Public Library on October 16, 2014.  I wish I could have recorded the many stories that were told by descendants and former Texas residents.  Some of you have promised to bring documents and photos to the Historical Society so that they can be scanned in high resolution to be added to the Texas collection.

Several of you asked about the World War I munitions plant that was located in Texas.  I am hoping that I can someday produce an historic map showing the locations of former structures in Texas, but in the meantime, I though I would share what I have found so far.   Americas Munitions is just one of the many documents where I see the Texas Maryland munitions plant mentioned. I have also uploaded a few others, such as Poole war munitions 1915 and Poole Engineering Iron Age.  I also found an article in the 1920 Towson Jeffersonian (see 1920 Texas Md Poole) that describe the purchase of the property by Mr. Bosley, to include the Padian mansion (Taylor’s Hall, the former Cockey Estate), other buildings and land, with the intent to start a quarrying operation as well as farming.   Note that the same newspaper column mentions a Miss Kathryn McGuire and the funeral of Miss Loretta Tull.


For more about Taylor’s Hall, see

If any of you have more information to share, please let me know. ~~Cassie

Collecting stories based on looking at photos

Railroad Avenue Kilroy Texas 5919025Wise Tavern:WilliamsWise:Williams photoYork & Padonia 1959 26298018Giibons Blvd & York Rd 1942

Ward-Cole House 4746012

Col. Harry Gilmor

Col. Harry Gilmor

Col. Harry Gilmor, of Glen Ellyn, near Texas Maryland, raised a confederate regiment of Irish immigrants living in Texas Maryland. My great-great-grandfather, Patrick Scally and his brother-in-law, Michael Croghan, were among those who served in the Confederacy under Gilmor during the Civil War. Do you have an ancestor from Texas Maryland who served (on either side) during the civil war?

Saving Texas Maryland?

Church Lane, Texas 1990s

If you know about Texas Maryland, you know that there is not much left to save about the village itself. There are buildings that I would like to see preserved, and there is St. Joseph’s Church and School, and although it is all called Cockeysville now, plenty of people still refer to the area as “Texas”. But what is the best way for us to “Save Texas”? Are you willing to share your family history? Family photos? Objects or documents related to the history of Texas and its residents? Other ideas?

Have you ever heard of a place called Texas Maryland?


It used to be a village in Baltimore County that was settled by Irish and other immigrants during the 19th century but grew with and then was overtaken by Cockeysville. It was once called Clark’s Switch, and Ellengowan, and there was even a Post Office there until the 1950s. If you ever lived there or had an ancestor who lived there, you know where it is, and can probably still imagine what it used to be. I hope to be able to save and share all of your memories so that others will know about the area and what it meant to those who lived there or came from there.


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