Col. Harry Gilmor

Col. Harry Gilmor, of Glen Ellyn, near Texas Maryland, raised a confederate regiment of Irish immigrants living in Texas Maryland. My great-great-grandfather, Patrick Scally and his brother-in-law, Michael Croghan, were among those who served in the Confederacy under Gilmor during the Civil War. Do you have an ancestor from Texas Maryland who served (on either side) during the civil war?

Col. Harry Gilmor

Saving Texas Maryland?

Church Lane, Texas 1990s

If you know about Texas Maryland, you know that there is not much left to save about the village itself. There are buildings that I would like to see preserved, and there is St. Joseph’s Church and School, and although it is all called Cockeysville now, plenty of people still refer to the area as “Texas”. But what is the best way for us to “Save Texas”? Are you willing to share your family history? Family photos? Objects or documents related to the history of Texas and its residents? Other ideas?


It used to be a village in Baltimore County that was settled by Irish and other immigrants during the 19th century but grew with and then was overtaken by Cockeysville. It was once called Clark’s Switch, and Ellengowan, and there was even a Post Office there until the 1950s. If you ever lived there or had an ancestor who lived there, you know where it is, and can probably still imagine what it used to be. I hope to be able to save and share all of your memories so that others will know about the area and what it meant to those who lived there or came from there.

Have you ever heard of a place called Texas Maryland?